Layers 2.0

Opinionated design tooling for everyday use.

Made for Figma

Powering great companies

Our products are used by design and product teams at some of the greatest companies out there.

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The why

Purpose-driven tooling

Layers presents a set of opinionated solutions to everyday problems. Rather than building a catch-all to address whatever needs you might have, we've built a set of tools that knows what it is or isn't.

Whether you're running into the repetition of having to conjure up color palettes, button sizes, and input styling, or are exhausted by the constant need to switch tools; We've experienced these problems day-in, day-out. And we grew tired of them.

Which is why we're building tooling that is purpose-driven to solve these issues, one by one.

The whAT



A design system

Our design system is built accessibility-first. This means finding ways to make the design system accessible to everyone, no matter how they hear, see, communicate, or otherwise experience the world.


A visual workspace

Flows turns Figma into the ultimate visual workspace. Flow charts, mind maps, note-keeping, annotation, and more, are brought right into Figma.